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Drink of the Week for Feb 22nd, 2001: Caribbean Blues

What we had to say

Ahh, the Caribbean.

Although many of you may instantly think of Jamaican Rum (that's what we thought....) this week's recipe is not as aptly named as it might be. Perhaps its creator may have thought that the color of the drink reflected the color of the Caribbean ocean. Or maybe they were too many to the wind and couldn't think of anything better.

In addition to looking fancy and colorful, this drink has a martini-ish flavor. If you love martinis, you'll probably like this - if not, well, try it anyways, because you never really know. A Caribbean Blues will go over well at any cocktail party as it has a rather strong alcohol content.

Anyhow, if you feel like fighting off hammerhead sharks and can't get on a plane anytime soon, why don't you try a few Caribbean Blues instead? It'll be just like getting dunked by the waves, except with less salt and more taste.

Rating:   5.7 / 10   (25 votes)

Caribbean Blues Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2001-02-22. Check out the review!
Caribbean Blues drink recipe

Glass to Use

Cocktail glassCocktail glass

Drink Colour:



Mixing Instructions

Fill a cocktail glass with cracked ice, and add the vodka and vermouth. (Alternatively, swish the glass with vermouth beforehand, discarding any extra). Slowly add the Curacao to the top, allowing it to "float" down through the mixture.
Serve with a cocktail umbrella if handy.

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