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These are the top 100 cocktails as calculated from votes submitted by readers.

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Rank Drink name # of votes Score
(out of 10)
= 1 =Mike's Bloody Mary647.4
2Mai Tai1077.4
3Tom Collins877.4
4Diamond Margarita717.4
5Hot Buttered Rum857.4
6007 Martini377.2
7Gin and Tonic2007.2
8White Russian3707.2
9Martini (Extra Dry)557.1
11Alice In Wonderland507.1
12Black Russian817.1
13Martini (dry)677.1
14Bloody Mary1857.0
17Cucumber Martini607.0
19Vodka Gimlet297.0
21Pina Colada1117.0
25Dirty Martini316.9
26Margarita (1948 Original)566.9
27New Orleans Hurricane456.9
28Cucumber Mint Martini156.9
29Screw Gin Fizz576.9
31The Friend John486.8
32Screw Gin486.8
33The Dude's White Russian1426.8
34The Original Hurricane106.8
36Gin And Juice926.8
37James Bond Martini266.8
38Peachy Screw Gin Fizz436.8
39'57 Chevy406.8
40Tequila Shots336.7
41Bahamian Goombay Smash106.7
42Tropical Hooter3416.7
43Strawberry Daiquiri1126.7
44B-52 #7116.6
45Jager Monster496.6
46The Ol' Midori Sour946.6
47Tequila Sunrise1646.6
48Dirty Bizzo4636.6
49Goombay Smach336.6
50Blue Hawaiian936.6
51Malibu Mojito406.6
52Bahama Mama736.6
53Sidecar, Sidecar Cocktail216.6
54Blonde Bimbo4296.6
55Wild Wet Dream2206.6
56Singapore Sling566.6
57Lyndon State Rugger296.6
5817 Days In A Crackhouse116.5
59Eugene Dangerous746.5
61Panty Hamster3786.5
62Yukon Snakebite576.5
63Emerald Breeze1516.5
64Southern Sex486.5
65Liquid Marijuana3076.4
67SoCo & Lime656.4
68MagFest Mule656.4
69Charm City Classic526.4
70Old Fashioned136.4
71Alien Secretion #2266.4
72Toasted Almond246.4
73Aloha Screwdriver246.4
74Electric Smurf2456.4
75Cocaine Cocktail236.3
76Sex On The Beach29946.3
77Beautiful, French Connection #2526.3
79Sex With Jennifer5476.3
80Dick in the Dirt156.3
81Amaretto Sour1336.3
83Caramel Apple Martini796.3
84Fuzzy Shark1026.3
85Apple Martini426.3
87Sex On The Bar176.3
88Dreamsicle #2736.3
89Exstatic Orgasm, Irish Russian146.3
90Long Island Iced Tea4166.3
91Bob Marley656.3
92Island Breeze476.3
93Aruba Rum Punch116.3
94Sandals Resorts' Dirty Banana846.3
95Death Of A Virgin516.3
96Sex On The Beach #3596.3
97Homemade Long Island Iced Tea206.3
98Ruby Relaxer576.2
99Irish Car Bomb6086.2
100Apple Pie (Bulk)5536.2
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