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Drink of the Week for Jun 15th, 2001: Jamaican Crow

What we had to say

Croooooooooow! This drink is tasty, man. Crows, unlike manatees, have nothing to do with this drink, so the origins of the name remain obscure to us, but dang, it's good. Although we tend to shy away from anything this pink, especially things supposedly meant for consumption, we highly recommend this one. Crow is drinkin' it, so it's cool. Don't you want Crow to think you're cool too?

And use a nice rum, you deserve it. And fresh limes...mmm, fresh.

Rating:   6.2 / 10   (34 votes)

Jamaican Crow Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2001-06-15. Check out the review!
Jamaican Crow drink recipe

Glass to Use

Collins glassCollins glass

Drink Colour:



Mixing Instructions

Fill a collins glass almost full with ice, and your shaker half full with ice. Pour all ingredients except soda into shaker and shake well. Strain into glass. Add the carbonated water (club soda) and stir well. Garnish with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry if available.

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