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Drink of the Week for Aug 2nd, 2001: Jagerbeer Bomb

What we had to say

We think Einstein said it best when he said "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Unfortunately, we want to drink beer and Jägermeister, and we want to do it all at once. Good thing we found a flaw.

Since time was obviously against us and Einstein couldn't help, we had to turn to our trusty, combat-hardened database of drinks. Despite the restraining order between science and religion to stay at least 100 ft. away from each other at all times, we had an epiphany of revelatory proportions that could only be done justice by launching a new theme in the barbook. It was that good.

The theme is Drop-shots, and this week's drink is a fine example of this sort of beveragical specimen. Drop-shots are those nifty drinks where you take a shooter of something and drop the shot glass into another glass of something. The most famous of these is the Dr. Pepper.

Similar to the Dr. Pepper, the Jagerbeer Bomb also tastes like a soft drink when drunk quickly, in this case Root Beer. Mmm.... beer. This drink was a big hit with all our testers, because everyone loves the novel idea of drop-shots. By the end of the review session, we had forgotten Einstein's mistake and had moved on to the fact that "gravity is a harsh mistress".

Rating:   6.0 / 10   (83 votes)

Jagerbeer Bomb Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2001-08-02. Check out the review!
Jagerbeer Bomb drink recipe

Glass to Use

Beer MugBeer Mug


  • 1 bottle Beer
  • 1 shot Jägermeister

Mixing Instructions

Pour the beer into a glass, then drop the shot of Jagermeister into it (shot glass optional). Tastes just like root beer.

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