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Drink of the Week for Aug 16th, 2001: Macbeth

What we had to say

We think Lady Macbeth said it best when she said

That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold;What hath quenced them hath given me fire.

Of course, she had just finished inciting her husband into a murderous frenzy that attracted all sorts of ghosts, curses, powerful armies and all-around bad karma that ganged up and went to town on them. Just don't think about that sort of thing when you're trying this week's drink.

It's one of the more interesting beverages we've been privy to... you might not guess at first, but scotch and blue curacao are a tasty combination! Add a dash of amaretto and you've got Shakespeare in beverage form. Now that's some fine poetry.

Rating:   6.1 / 10   (38 votes)

Macbeth Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2001-08-16. Check out the review!
Macbeth drink recipe

Glass to Use

Cocktail glassCocktail glass

Drink Colour:



Mixing Instructions

Shake ingredients with ice; strain into a cocktail glass.

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