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Drink of the Week for Jan 31st, 2002: Wild Sex

What we had to say

Thanks to everyone who donated last week. Not too many people did, but we really appreciate it! Honestly, if everyone that got DotW donated a buck, we'd have a new camera in no time! Is DotW worth a buck? Hmmm. We asked our monkeys, but they just stared at us blankly. Several simian projectiles followed. We think that they disagreed. 25 cents even?

After that harrowing experience, we launched our new site design! What do you think? Let us know....it's a work in progress. New features coming soon, such as printer-friendly recipes and the ability to choose between metric and imperial units! (i.e. mL vs oz.).

So have some Wild Sex with us. I mean, on us. I mean, not "on us", but from us. Forget it. Actually, this has possibilities....

Rating:   6.2 / 10   (113 votes)

Wild Sex Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2002-01-31. Check out the review!
No picture of this cocktail available.

Glass to Use

Hurricane glassHurricane glass


Mixing Instructions

Shake everything (except grenadine) with ice. Pour into a hurricane glass with some ice, splash a bit of grenadine over the ice.

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