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Drink of the Week for Oct 10th, 2003: Wild Child

What we had to say

Another weekend, another tasty beverage. This week's drink is brought to you by the letter X, the number 6, and readers like YOU. Well, maybe not you specifically, but one of you sent us this one, and it's tasty. Take it to the club with you this weekend and teach the bartender something.

Now, as we are apt to do, we'd like to make fun of something. This week: California. Seriously... what is up with you? You elected a movie star to run a state with a population larger than Canada. I mean sure, he's probably smarter than your average politician, and he is adept at defeating evil using a vast array of explosive weaponry, but how do you put up with all the hackish pop-culture references? Some newspaper this week covered the election, and every second sentence used an aggravating reference to a movie he's been in. "This week, 'The Running Man' was accused of being a 'Predator'. Will this 'Terminate' his bid for governor, or will he 'Jingle All the Way'?" How do you stand it? Stay tuned for next week's Drink of the Week, when we use hackish pop-culture references to make fun of more stuff!

Anyway, if you haven't been to the forums lately, come and hang out: http://www.drinknation.com/community.

Let us know where you're from, discuss the drink of the week, or make fun of stuff.

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Wild Child Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2003-10-10. Check out the review!
No picture of this cocktail available.

Glass to Use

Shot glassShot glass


  • 1 part Sour Apple Pucker
  • 1 part Vodka
  • 1 splash 7-up

Mixing Instructions

Add everything into a shot glass.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our eerily charismatic readers, Aleia!

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