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Drink of the Week for Sep 10th, 2004: Peachy Sunrise

What we had to say

Things certainly cooled down a few degrees for the newest branch of Drinknation headquarters. We didn't even have time to get the reactor cores up and running before it started snowing. Snow in September did have a silver lining however, as we managed to capture the Yeti by baiting him with a mixture of expensive gins, fine Stilton, and a rotting beef carcass. Turns out that the Yeti is a pretty cool dude though. Not only did the Y-man not care that we had captured him, but he wanted to volunteer in our drink "research laboratories". Next time he comes by, he promised to bring his guitar and a barbeque and we'd play some snow volleyball. We told him snow volleyball was the stupidest idea we'd ever heard, but then he killed and ate one of our interns, so next week we'll be playing some snow volleyball, and liking it too. We wanted to call this drink "It should never ever snow in September" but the edit key on the keyboard was frozen.

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Peachy Sunrise Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2004-09-10. Check out the review!
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Glass to Use

Cocktail glassCocktail glass


Mixing Instructions

Fill glass with ice and pour in a shot of tequila and a shot of peach schnapps. Fill with orange juice and add a splash of grenadine. Mix with straw.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our funktastic readers, Missy Williams!

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