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Drink of the Week for Jul 16th, 2005: Jägersour

What we had to say

Since the movie industry is officially out of ideas, and we have tons of them, we figured we'd go into a side business of selling our ideas to hotshot producers. Then we remembered what movie producers would do with our ideas, and scrapped the plan in favor of holding a military coup on Hollywood. Everyone would come because we'd offer free hot dogs and soda, and there would be monkeys and showings of classic movies that hadn't been remade into something sucky yet. We had the whole thing drawn up and ready with the military on full alert, when an advanced tasting of the hot dog supplies struck down one of our commanders and the plan had to be aborted. Luckily, we were able to save him by administering Jägermeister and playing soothing sounds from the classic audio children's book "Manatee Winter", but instead of being able to enforce a new creative archetype with our battalions, we had to settle for writing a letter. We're sure they'll listen. While we wait for our sweeping changes to be implemented, we're going to go barbeque some hot dogs.

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Jägersour Drink Recipe

This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2005-07-16. Check out the review!
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Glass to Use

Shot glassShot glass

Drink Colour:



Mixing Instructions


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our dastardly readers, Jared!

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