2 G's And A Double R Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 1 drink

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How to Make It

Add Limon, Gin and Grapefruit juice over ice. Add a splash of 151 on top.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our funkadelic readers, Chris!

Comments on 2 G's And A Double R

  • Mike
    Aug 28th, 2009
    Made a variation with what I have around the house and it turned out pretty good. It's bitter and grapefruity, but was strangely refreshing and pleasant. 1.5 oz captain morgan's spiced rum, 1 oz gin 1 oz cointreau white grapefruit juice Like I said, it comes out pretty bitter but if you like grapefruit juice straight, it still pretty much tastes like grapefruit juice with the gin and triple-sec adding a nice aftertaste. The rum mixes in completely with the juice, you almost can't taste it.
  • Johan
    Jul 16th, 2009
    Made an alteration on this drink recipe and it tasted amazing, like candy (or maybe I had had a few too many before tasting it!) Used the following, in measurements of shot for my ease. 1 shot vodka or gin (tried with smirnoff and bombay saphire) 1 shot bacardi gold 1 shot captain morgan's spiced rum 1/2 shot lemon juice Grapefruit Izze Sparkling Juice Add the grapefruit Izze to taste. We mixed to about 50% grapefruit juice and it was very good, and concealed the alcohol well. Far too easy to down.

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