Drinknation.com Privacy Policy

Drinknation.com hates spam, and we especially dislike people who send spam. We also dislike global warming and urban sprawl, and our favourite color is blue. However, only the spam part is important. We realize that you, like us, are hard working (ok, maybe you're not like us), honest individuals who have allergic reactions to unsolicited email and invasions of privacy. So here's the run down of how we treat privacy here at Drinknation.

What we do with our information

  • Drinknation.com (hereafter also referred to as "we" and "us") does not collect personal information for purposes other than to provide informational services to visitors to Drinknation.com's web site. We DO NOT release any information we may collect about visitors to the Drinknation.com web site to advertisers, promotional agencies, private organizations, public organizations, angry mobs, your shady cousin Bob who no one has heard from in eight years, or third parties of any kind including companies and organizations that may work with us now or in the future. Any personal information that Drinknation.com has will NEVER be seen by anyone other than employees of Drinknation.com for the purposes of providing a service to those individuals or organizations who have requested it, and for which the information is required to perform that service. Personal information will NEVER be willfully released publicly or privately in any form, now or at any time in the future.
  • Any personal information Drinknation.com collects is stored in a secure database on private servers, to which no one other than employees of Drinknation.com have access to. Drinknation.com is committed to keeping this information secure.
  • Any personal information that we may have about an individual is purely voluntary, and will never be collected without the consent and knowledge of the individual. If at any time an individual wishes to view, correct, or have deleted or destroyed the information Drinknation.com has about them, they may do so by sending a request via our feedback form, and we'll be happy to comply! In most cases, Drinknation.com will endeavour to have an interactive process available for such functions (ie. subscribing and unsubscribing to newsletters).

What we collect

Drinknation.com collects very limited information about our users. We don't know if you have glasses, purple hair or wear a fez... honest. In fact, there's no reason people not wearing pants can't have a go at this web site, it's that crazy.

  • Registered Accounts
    - As of June 2004, registered accounts on Drinknation.com became available. These accounts provide a number of useful features, such as quick links and secure data, that could not be provided otherwise. Account registrations are available to anyone with a valid email address, and no other information is required. No personal information is required to be collected or stored with a registered account. For more information, see our benefits of registration page. To see what information is collected when you sign up for an account, check out the registration page.
  • Email Addresses
    - At the current point in time, email addresses are collected to provide opt-in newsletter services to those who request them, as well as account verification purposes. These email addresses are provided voluntarily by users of Drinknation.com. Email addresses are never willfully sold or given to third parties in any form. Ever. We just send cool stuff to them.
  • Cookie data
    - We use cookies (which are stored on a visitor's computer, if cookies are enabled on that computer and/or web browsing software) to enhance the ease of use of Drinknation.com's web site. Most cookie data stored is used for the purposes of providing functionality for searching and/or viewing the web site. Cookie data is also used to give Drinknation.com a general representation of how much usage and traffic the web site receives. This information is used just to see how many unique users and hits we receive each day. We want numbers, people! Big numbers, lots of hits... that's the stuff (forget the cream filling).
  • IP Addresses
    - IP addresses are stored temporarily in our database in a number of automated processes, such as various form submissions and subscription methods. This is for security purposes, and to prevent users of the site from sending out spam, flooding an email address, or stuffing the voting system. IP addresses are never used for any form of statistical tracking, and are stored for a variable amount of time (depending on the process being used), but never permanently. And, just like everything else, we don't give away IP address information to anyone. Not even if they paid us, the scheming punks

Facebook Connect

We have integrated Drinknation.com with Facebook Connect, which means we now spend most of our time checking out people we used to know 15 years ago to see what they've been up to, and comparing ourselves to them to see how much better we're doing. What it really means however, is that you can use your Facebook account to log in to Drinknation. This is great news, as now you don't have to have yet another web account (ie. with us), and you can use your Facebook login to access all your favourite drinks and bar ingredients instead.

Facebook feels very strongly about user privacy, so when they're not busy serving targeted advertising to you, they're dictating how a Facebook Connect site such as Drinknation.com can utilize your Facebook data. Unlike most everything else, we take these terms very seriously. The above sections of the privacy policy all apply to Facebook data as well, and the following points apply specifically to anything we fetch from Facebook:

  • Any profile data we get from Facebook is never permanently stored on our servers, although it may be cached temporarily for performance reasons. Profile data is used only to enhance the Drinknation.com site with Facebook functionality and informational displays, and any cached data is deleted within a few hours.
  • Any temporary Facebook data we have about you is removed from our caches immediately if you ever use the "Log out" link.
  • Data that Drinknation.com can get from Facebook is limited to what is available in your public profile.

If you are uncomfortable with the concept of Facebook Connect, then you are definitely free to use a regular Drinknation.com account! Facebook also provides ways for you to put specific privacy controls on any applications or Connect sites that you have signed in to as well, which you can find in your Facebook account.

If you feel there are any errors in this document, or have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.