7 and 7 Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 1 drink

0.0 g
16 g
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  • 2 oz. Whiskey, straight grain
  • 5 oz. 7-up
  • 1 wedge Lemon

How to Make It

A classic whiskey recipe. Use a highball glass, and fill it with cubed ice. Add the whiskey and 7-up, stir slightly, and garnish with a lemon wedge.

Recommended: Seagram's 7 Whiskey (hence 7 and 7)

Comments on 7 and 7

  • Kim
    Dec 5th, 2017
    My Christmas eve drink of choice.. Doing Keto so love the advice on diet 7up and will try with cherries next time.. If not too many carbs.. Better check on fitness pal..
  • Will
    Apr 7th, 2016
    Love'em! Soakin' several Seven & Sevens at this very moment.. 2 words.... Crisp! Refreshing!!
  • Diane
    Jan 26th, 2016
    Probably my favorite mixed drink. Must have Seagrams and 7-Up, not Sierra Mist or Sprite (they tend to be too sweet). I have never had it with maraschino cherries or a sugar rimmed glass! Just the 7&7 on the rocks. Having one tonight.
  • Willie
    Nov 13th, 2014
    That's like saying a cc and 7 is any whiskey. This is a Seagrams 7 and 7 up
  • Neven
    Jul 11th, 2014
    Whiskey was never meant for pop! To mix whiskey with anything is a crime, it is a straight up drink not a 7-up drink.lol who cares who ordered 7and7 in a movie or a tv show, none of that is real people it is just written in the script for the actor to say. Whiskey is delicious just as it is....obviously the right kind, not cheap shitty fire water.lol Try Johnny Walker of any label they or more reasonably priced Gibson's Finest, or Jack Daniels. Don't ruin whiskey with pop.lol
  • leonard
    Oct 30th, 2013
    Always been ol' faithful....awesome drink. And for the people who don't like it, have yourself a Shirley temple...
  • jeff
    Sep 19th, 2013
    Crown and 7 is my drink of choice!
  • Peter
    Apr 19th, 2013
    Use Seagram Gold instead, no head issues the next day.
  • Mack
    Mar 23rd, 2012
    try Seagram's VO and Retro 7UP with real sugar.
  • Dan
    Dec 28th, 2011
    great drink
  • Stacy
    Dec 23rd, 2011
    its also in Bridesmaids and How I Met Your Mother :)
  • mr.impersonater
    Dec 1st, 2011
    I started drinking it due to goodfellas
  • mark
    Sep 20th, 2011
    This 7@7 was my Moms& Dad favorit drink they drank it all the time , now i drink it witha little twist, i and 2 oz, of vodca
  • dany
    Jul 29th, 2011
    I like 7 & 7 but with Seagrams Honey Wiskey!! & definitely only with the 7up!! mmm, its pretty sweet for being wiskey!! the gals will love it. :P
  • vincemario
    Jul 28th, 2011
    A drink for whiskey fans, the flow of the lemon flavor and whiskey isn't for everyone, real nice laid back smooth mix.

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