Afrikaaner Drink Recipe

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Nutrition Information† ‡

Serving size: 1 drink

11.8 g
21 g
3.2 g


  • 2 oz. (Fruit cream) Amarula Cream
  • 2 oz. Schnapps, peach
  • 1 oz. Vodka
  • 4 oz. Cream (Half and Half)
  • 1 oz. Chocolate Syrup

How to Make It

Fill hurricane glass halfway with ice, add all ingredients and stir vigorously.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our good-looking readers, Stan Taub!

Comments on Afrikaaner

  • Amarula Queen
    Jun 16th, 2012
    I totally agree with Ninja Bread. The Schnapps should be left out. Looked like I was making chunky cottage cheese, but a very tasty one at that!!
  • Paulie
    Jan 19th, 2012
    High alcohol content curdles dairy, too. I learned that making White Russians... I recommend mixing the Amarula and half and half first, then adding the other ingredients VERY slowly, stirring constantly as you pour.
  • Ninja Bread
    May 14th, 2010
    Don't put the Schnapps in, the folic acid from the peaches curdles the proteins in the creams.
  • David
    Oct 9th, 2009
    tastes good, but mines chunky, how do you prevent that?

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