Apple Pie (Bulk) Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 250 mL (1 cup)

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  • 1 qt. Everclear
  • 1 gal. Apple Juice
  • 1 gal. Cider, apple
  • 7 sticks Cinnamon Stick
  • 800 g (4 Cups) Sugar

How to Make It

  1. Mix apple juice, apple cider, sugar, and cinnamon sticks together in a large pot.
  2. Boil until cinnamon sticks lose flavor.
  3. Add Everclear.
  4. Refrigerate.

This drink recipe was submitted by one of our sexy readers, kandtman!

Comments on Apple Pie (Bulk)

  • Jamie
    Oct 3rd, 2021
    I use 1 gallon of cider, 1 gallon of juice, 20 cinnamon sticks, 3 cups of sugar, 1 cup of brown sugar, 1 bottle of everclear, and one bottle of salted Caramel Smirnoff vodka. Pour into large canning jars and refrigerate. Longer it sits, better it tastes.
  • Shine On
    Mar 26th, 2016
    Apple Pie was originally made with moonshine,people started to use everclear because they couldn't get real moonshine. A traditional apple pie moonshine recipe is a qt. of cider, a qt. of juice, 1/2c cane sugar, 1/2c brown sugar, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1 tsp. apple pie spice, 1c water, 1 fifth of 100 proof shine. slowly heat all the ingredients except the shine to a boil. Give it time for the flavors to blend together, I mean this really makes it better. Take an hour or more. I use a tight fitting lid, and when it starts steaming, try to keep it covered as much as possible. I prepare mason jars, sterilized just like you are canning. This recipe will fill three qt jars and a pint jar. ( the pint is for sampling the aging process) When it comes to a boil, turn off the heat, let the boil stop, then add the moonshine quickly, and pour into the jars quickly leaving a 1/2 " head space, place the lids on them and tighten the bands. The lids will eventually pop just like when you can jam, as long as they are sealed. You will loose a small amount of alcohol in the steam, but not a measurable amount as long as you are fast about it. This makes a sanitary drink mix, around 25 - 30 proof. Letting the mix cool to room temperature or overnight before adding the alcohol gives bacteria a chance to grow, but hey what do I know? If you were using 2 fifths of 100 proof moonshine or one fifth of 190 proof everclear, just double up the other ingredients for a 6 quart batch. The longer it ages, the less you taste the alcohol, and the smoother it gets.
  • Tara
    Aug 5th, 2015
    These shots are GREAT!! Had them at a Halloween Party a few years back and they reheated them in the coffee pot and added chilled coolwhip on top! A delightful warm treat on a cool night!
  • Heather
    Feb 21st, 2015
    The sugar is important because it helps the drink ferment. The best thing to do is to make it, store it in glass or ceramic, and leave it for at least a few weeks (preferably a month or two). When it is done, you won't taste the alcohol, but I guarantee you will feel it! As another person said, I let the cider boil down about 1/3 to 1/2. Only then do I add the vanilla bean (not extract, the actual bean), sugar, and cinnamon. I let it boil until the cinnamon is pliable, let it cool completely, strain it, then add the alcohol.
  • Dave
    Nov 28th, 2014
    Half Cider, half Everclear, x2 Table-spoons brown sugar (optional), x 2-3 diced apples (holds much of the alcohol and adds texture) mix in glass jug (wine jugs work) let sit, no need to boil, strain, over sweeten. Simple is better. Longer it sits smoother the taste.
  • Butch
    Nov 24th, 2014
    I use only the cider. Why water it down and the brown sugar is the kick
  • Make my own
    Jan 8th, 2014
    Yes less sugar is better makes a great sippin drink and goes down way to easy
  • art
    Nov 7th, 2013
    i make this by the 20 gallon batch for my bar. i only use everclear for the liquor and 2 3/4 cups of sugar per gallon. i sautee the cinnamon sticks in goldschlager before i add them to the juice/cider. turns out perfect every time.
  • Penny
    Sep 6th, 2013
    Instead of using the cinnamon sticks use cinnamon candy ... Bracchs cinnamon disks or the cinnamon imperials oh it is so good
  • Denise Bundridge
    Sep 4th, 2013
    We canned our's. Will have to try peach, cherry, and blueberry pie:)
  • Don G
    Aug 28th, 2013
    Keep in mind, if you use apple cider and it is not refrigerated it turns to vinegar, and is mistaken as being "stronger".
  • shaggy
    Aug 27th, 2013
    I use honey, vanilla extract, ginger and some other spices along with two 750ml of everclear in mine
  • Robert
    Jul 3rd, 2013
    I have had this in many variations and have concocted my own blend. But instead of using 4 cups sugar I use 2 cups sugar and 4 boxes of Lemon Heads candy and before serving I filter. I also agree that allowing it to sit refrigerated over 48 Hours is the best.
  • your mother
    Jun 3rd, 2013
    i hate 99% of the comments
  • Dragon S.
    Apr 15th, 2013
    I make this for Pirate events, Ren-Fair, Fantasy Fairs, SCA and LARP events. I substitute Crown royal for Everclear as I do not like the flavor of Everclear!! Everyone always seeks me to see If I brought any to share at the events my Wife and I regular! I also have a version that is Cherry/apple pie its popular as much as the regular!!! Added it below Everyone enjoy I did leave out one Ingredient, Just as good without it but it makes it mine! Sorry! Alcohol 1 Good sized bottle Butter shots (Split between both pots if making Both Regular and Cherry/apple pie) 1 Bottle Cracken Rum (It’s a dark spiced and smooth rum) Split between both pots if making both styles. 1 - 5th of your Favorite Golden Grain Alcohol Like Everclear (A good Bottle of Crown Royal is my preference) Split between both pots if making both 1 bottle Goldshlager Split between both pots if making both For Apple Cherry Pie Split Above into 2 Large Pots (Soup or Stock pots are best) Then Add 3 Jars Maraschino Cherries/OR 2 cans Cherry Pie Filling/OR 1 Large bottle Cherry Cider and 1 can Cherry Pie Filling Mixing Instructions Mix apple juice, apple cider, sugar, and cinnamon sticks together (Split evenly if making both types) while all are getting hot. Boil until cinnamon sticks lose flavor (they will unroll). Remove from heat, when a manageable temp but still really warm Strain apples and/or cherries out Through cheese cloth to make sure of NO chinks, return cleared liquid back to pot for mixing, let cool. Once the apple mix is room temp again Add Golden Grain and Other Alcohols (Split evenly if making both types), and stir. Taste frequently during boiling. Add more sugar (I would add more honey myself) if you want it sweeter, or even more cinnamon, Butter Extract, during boiling. Once mixed Bottle in as many Sharable bottles as possible (Old Cleaned and Sterilized Wine bottles are great!). Place all in the refrigerator for at least two (2) weeks before sampling to let flavor settle and alcohol fully incorporate. (Caution!!! After 2 weeks the Alcohol bit should be gone thus leading the mind to not think about the content IT IS STILL THERE!) Throw it in the fridge and drink whenever you want it. Share a bottle with friends!! Just remember this has a high Alcohol Content!! Enjoy this is awesome!!

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