British Snakebite Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 250 mL (1 cup)

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How to Make It

Mix or layer ingredients. Note - the mixture of beer and cider is so effective at making you drunk its illegal to serve Snakebite in pubs and bars in Britain!


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our extremely intelligent readers, Cil!

Comments on British Snakebite

  • BigDave
    Jul 30th, 2017
    A pint of Chinese is half larger half bitter
  • grumpy
    Jan 7th, 2017
    I prefer using the name: "Poor Man's Black and Tan" rather than the original title of "Snakebite" for a glass having its lower 1/2 holding hard cider and its upper level holding stout. "Snakebite" has, over time, seen it mean plural types of contents like vodka, etc.
  • Fat barsteward
    Jul 2nd, 2016
    Yeah I love a snakebite every now and then (reminds me of my college days) I'm enjoying one right now with a nice shrimp curry from my favourite takeaway.
  • fuzzy bare
    May 31st, 2016
    too much work for many barstaff to do it. Draught diesel(Guinness and Cider) even more so
  • Anonymous Alcoholic
    Apr 26th, 2016
    Snakebites are most definitely legal in the UK. Ive ordered a few in my time and most pubs just dont like to serve you it because you'll more than likely be sick absolutely everywhere lol
  • NickR
    Apr 7th, 2016
    A proper Snake Bite is a cocktail made with London Dry Gin and dry cider with ice
  • Garcon
    Jan 7th, 2016
    Golden, is a half a bitter and half a lager in a pint glass. Chinese is a half a mild and half a bitter again in a pint glass.
  • Mrs S
    Oct 22nd, 2015
    I'm with Phil Mitchell on this one, usually the landlord argues that it makes the pint look bad. Some bar staff are happy to turn a blind eye if you buy a pint of one and half of the other and then mix it yourself...... As long as your not too rowdy. On a separate note ... Am I understanding some of these comment right, you can't buy less then a pint in pubs in London.
  • Wizzo
    Aug 12th, 2015
    70's Manchester ...I/2 bitter & 1/2 cider..landlords would not want to serve it as it's cloudy & put punters off ..easy to neck it...all the p***heads drank it
  • Alan Creaney
    Jun 16th, 2015
    I feel I must intervene here if only to clarify an error that seems to be prevalent. Snakebite is half beer half cider, whereas snakebite with added blackcurrant juice is called Purple Nasty. That's all. Thank you & goodbye. I'm off for a Purple Nasty. x
  • G.Best
    Apr 12th, 2015
    Double Vodka Jagerbomb - The only way to get drunk
  • niamh
    Feb 17th, 2015
    Every pub/club i have gone to that serves snakebites are always served with a dash of blackcurrant squash.
  • Daniell
    Oct 30th, 2014
    Greetings, I am absolutely amazed that there is all this rubbish online about the illegality and impossibility of being served Snakebites or Snakebites in black (SIB)! I went to Uni (graduate scool)in Manchester and was *never* told that there was any difficulties in selling me one. There was also never any nonsense about mixing your own. Although, my first preference is for a good dark ale, if that wasn't available, a SIB was a reasonable second choice. I just wish that now I am currently residing in the US, it wasn't so impossible to find the ingredients and all the other treats I became accustomed to, on this side of the pond. Cheers!
  • Clane
    Oct 28th, 2014
    It's only illegal because they can't mix it themselves.
  • Billy Bartender.
    Oct 4th, 2014
    Snakebite. Half a pint of lager plus half a pint of cider. Cheap, strong ingredients tend to make a better snakebite than better, more expensive ingredients. The addition of blackcurrant is a snakebite and black. It is not illegal to serve less than a pint of a branded lager or cider in the U.K, nor is it illegal to serve two different halfs in the same pint glass.

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