Cake Mix Drink Recipe

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Nutrition Information

Serving size: 250 mL (1 cup)

0.0 g
17 g
0 g


How to Make It

Fill glass with ice. Add vanilla vodka with 3 parts ginger ale.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our superhuman readers, Evelyn Romero!

Comments on Cake Mix

  • Kristen
    Mar 23rd, 2012
    I like putting a tablespoon of white cake mix in it and shakeee it all up viola!!! yummy
  • penelope
    Aug 23rd, 2011
    this tastes not great. it's ruining my birthday. :(
  • Ashley Meade
    Sep 2nd, 2010
    I love this drink, i order it alll the time, i never knew it was called cake mix until i found this site!!!! i highly recommend.. not too sure if it tastes like cake mix, more like cream soda but it is still AWESOME!!!
  • Katie
    Dec 31st, 2009
    It needs apple juice and then needs to be well shaken to mix. DELISH!
  • Juan Gabriel
    Aug 9th, 2009
    This drink SUCKS! Tastes NOTHING like cake batter. Just some nasty ass soda with vodka.
  • Ghreezs
    Aug 4th, 2009
    tasty if you like eating cake batter.
  • Annie
    Apr 25th, 2009
    Tastes nice and light but needs "a little" something. Maybe some Amaretto?

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