Dirty Girl Scout Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 1 drink

4.4 g
20 g
0.9 g


How to Make It

It's a simple one. Pour all ingredients over ice, shake, strain, and get ready to party. Careful though, it tastes yummy but will creep up on you!!!


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our gifted readers, Dug-o-licious!

Comments on Dirty Girl Scout

  • Ame
    May 25th, 2017
    I had something similar in a bar in Albufeira but instead of the creme de menthe in it they topped it off with mint cream and swirled with mint syrup and I'm sure it must have had quadruple the ingredients as it came in a very large goblet.
  • Kevin
    Sep 11th, 2016
    Scooby snacks are differed. That is Malibu Midori and pineapple juice with whipped cream
  • Patricia
    Aug 12th, 2016
    We mixed it in a Margarita machine as a frozen drink with whipped cream and it was still strong. Did not think of adding a touch of milk. Will try that.
  • Mike
    Mar 23rd, 2016
    Jaeger, creme de menthe and baileys is what I've found to be the best recipe
  • Judy
    Oct 15th, 2015
    Absolutely delicious! You'll get hooked right away, especially if you have a penchant for thin mints cookies. My friend Jo Ann made me an urn-ful to de-stress with. We had such a great time!
  • nut
    Sep 8th, 2013
    Shooting is a waste of perfectly good spirits. If you're going to go to the trouble of blending such a nice compliment of flavors, at least let your palate enjoy it for heavens sake! Pour it over some crushed ice and try savoring.
  • Kim
    Feb 22nd, 2012
    I've tried this before too, but as a mixed drink & thought it was quite good.
  • Tim
    Jan 6th, 2012
    this shot is very similar to the "scooby snack."
  • elli
    Aug 10th, 2011
    yes i had the scooby doo in okinawa, however it did not taste the way you describe, what you described is the grasshopper or dirty girl scout, that had those too....minty and delicious.
  • dubs
    Aug 20th, 2010
    I've heard of this shot, but called a "Scooby Doo'. Anyone else heard o this or am I looking at the wrong recipe. Tasted just like mint chocolate chip ice cream. delicious.
  • Ediette
    Mar 1st, 2010
    I agree... when i drink it as a mixed drink i add a little milk in it to make it less strong. Still one of my favorites though!
  • Sara
    Sep 3rd, 2008
    It's good, but it's big for a shot and strong for a mixed drink.

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