Fruit Loops Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 1 drink

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How to Make It

Pour Rum, Vodka, and Triple Sec over rocks in a tall glass. Add OJ and Cranberry to fill. Pour into a mixing tin and back into the glass. Splash 7-Up on top.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our fearsome readers, Eric Guelcher!

Comments on Fruit Loops

  • keeping up with the Jones's
    May 22nd, 2017
    omg!!! it's sooooo gooood!!!....sweet and straight to the point, discretion is advised you will drink to much of this tasty surprise
  • Don Amend
    Dec 31st, 2015
    I tried it but found a better one experimenting. Instead of vodka use some grenadine and hold the cranberry juice. It is amazing
  • Joe
    Nov 25th, 2014
    Just accidentally found out that limoncello and cranberry ginger ale make a low alcohol froot loop drink.
  • Jason
    Sep 16th, 2014
    I had a shot while in WA.this is not it! I had this made at local bar an I sent it back. The one in WA. was awesome this one not so much.
  • msbelle
    Jul 26th, 2014
    This is just very yummy.
  • Cindy Michelle
    Jul 26th, 2014
    My nephew got hammered on these.
  • Val
    Jul 23rd, 2014
    FRUIT LOOPY SKYY Infusions Grape and Cherry Vodkas, triple sec, hurricane mix, sour mix, and Sprite.
  • Brian
    Mar 12th, 2014
    this drink is so delish it smells and taste just like a bowl of fruite loop
  • Scorpion
    Oct 4th, 2013
    Awesome drink, tastes just like the cereal. YUM!
  • Charlotte
    Jul 17th, 2013
    A fruit loop shot is Rumchata with three olives Loopy Vodka, tastes just like the cereal.
  • Anonymous
    Sep 15th, 2012
    OMG!!! It tastes just like Fruti Loops with the taste of rum.

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