Gin And Juice Drink Recipe

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Nutrition Information† ‡

Serving size: 1 drink

0.2 g
19 g
9.5 g


How to Make It

Measure ice into a cocktail shaker with a highball glass. Add ingredients and shake well. Pour into highball glass and garnish with a slice of lime.

Comments on Gin And Juice

  • Kennifeera
    Jul 21st, 2015
    les moore is the most correct. Indo is technically short for "Indica" in cannabis Indica, the flip side strain is Cannibis Sativa. Indica is known for fatter/chubbier leaves and a heavy couch-lock cannabis high, whereas Sativa is known for skinnier leaves and a more upper head high that doesnt lock you to the couch. For either genetics, it is primarily the flowers that are dried at the perfect maturity and cured for at least weeks, even months. Just an FYI for the ignorant masses out there
  • Friday
    Oct 7th, 2014
    You said this indo? Smell like outdo
  • sheblazed
    Aug 24th, 2014
    Who gives a FUCK what it's called!!! Smoke it! My favorite is apple gin with cranberry juice! Sounds gross I don't even like apple Bur its SoGood!!
  • Weezy
    Jul 13th, 2013
    Wow...You guys are trippin'
  • Weed King 1975
    Jan 23rd, 2013
    Ha ha ha some of the most stupid comments ever in this thread. Indo = Indonesian Marijuana, specifically modern crossbreeds of Indonesian (hence, "Indo") indica strains with western sativa, resulting in pungent, broadleafed, THC-crystal laden buds When Gin & Juice was released, this is what Indo was referencing hence the multiple references to both Indo and Indonesia in Dre and Snoops music at the time that Gin and Juice was released. Maybe nowdays you crazy kids use Indo to refer to weed grown indoors (to me that just sounds frankly ludicrous but to each their own)but when the song Gin and Juice was released Indo referred to Indonesia.
  • Me
    Jan 5th, 2013
    Luv it :)
  • Hyphy
    Jan 3rd, 2013
    I just like to use the term indacouch
  • Fro
    Jun 9th, 2012
    Smoke it if ya got it
  • biggerz
    Jan 31st, 2012
    best drink 4evs i love it pineapple juice does make it better!
  • Joe
    Jul 19th, 2011
    Who cares lets get high on some good Indica. Knock me down in the couch high.
  • BigBoi
    Jun 28th, 2011
    yeeaah buddy.
  • GrimReefer
    Jun 3rd, 2011
    You guys are hillariously retarded, what a bunch of noob 420 smokers in here. It's called "Indo" - short for "Indoors" as in high quality bud that was grown within a grow-op under HID lights that make the most potent green. Compared to "Outdoors" which is the crap mexican weed that grows in the ditch (although in Cali and elsewhere quality bud can be grown outside as well, but it's a lot less common). So, to recap "Indo" stands for "Indoors", that's it. Not Indonesia (lol wut?), Indica (barely even makes sense), Endo-da-day (clever, I do like that one).
  • notl
    Feb 26th, 2011
    all yall are wrong. indo is a type of weed. like indo kush, as in Indonesian Kush. Its a strain of weed, like chronic
  • Carlos
    Oct 17th, 2010
    Lol fellas... INDO... as in not grown OUTDO'S! INDO!! Probably hydroponic, too!
  • Del
    Oct 13th, 2010
    haha funny some of these comments, i deffo means Smoking. Can spell either Indo or Endo. It comes from Indoor grown weed. and its said with the accent Indo'

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