Harbor Light Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 1 drink

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How to Make It

Mix ingredients in a snifter. Serve.

Comments on Harbor Light

  • srd
    Jun 10th, 2021
    Blow it OUT! This is a "flaming" drink and is meant to be taken orally sporting a full Blue alcohol flame for all those spectators to be impressed by the daring drunk! Great for free drinks! Even better if you have facial hair. Got me through 3 years of discounted college drinking.
  • Bob
    May 21st, 2020
    There are so many variations to this drink. If you've even been in a Harbor besides red the other light is green. I used to drink it in a shot with 3/4 vodka, 1/4 Creme de cacao and a splash of green creme de menthe. shoot it with a partner followed by a deep passionate kiss
  • glenn
    Sep 4th, 2015
    As a bartender from the seventies on cape cod the float of 151 was the light also did it in shot glasses, one night we had fire on one of our wooden spool tables at piggy's in provincetown
  • Ron
    Sep 27th, 2009
    I was told by an old bartender years ago that a Harbor Light was Galliano, Metaxa and topped with 151 rum. Light the rum (that is the 'harbor light') and let it burn for 3-5 seconds (no longer you will burn your lips on the glass otherwise), blow it out and down it. I use a shot glass myself. This is for night drinking only, not an eye-opener for Sunday brunch!!!

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