Holy Water Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 1 drink

0.0 g
17 g
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How to Make It

Mix it all together with ice.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our courageous, yet humble readers, denine wood!

Comments on Holy Water

  • roxxie
    Oct 21st, 2015
    Love this drink I can't not have it
  • PhoenixFire
    Aug 22nd, 2015
    This drink is the first drink I drank with my husband. It tastes just like blue koolaid and is so smooth. Only problem I had was you don't realize how much your drinking lol because its so sweet. I absolutely love this drink!
  • thedestroyer
    Feb 17th, 2015
    Best drink.
  • Bob.
    Nov 4th, 2014
    to make a martini, sugar rim with colored sugar, preferably with red, blue and purple sugar mixed evenly. Combine 2 oz. of each raspberry sour liquor, blue curacao, vodka, and sprite...enjoy!
  • Mel
    Jun 19th, 2013
    It's a pornstar recipe!!?
  • PuZiKaT
    Jun 9th, 2012
    OMG!! blue Popsicle as a child!! yum!!
  • CJ Slate
    Feb 3rd, 2012
    Sorry but a Holy Water is H20, Vodka, and 3 Lemon slices.. one for the father, the son, and the holy spirit. DUH!
  • courtney
    Nov 6th, 2011
    i had 6 holy waters last night at the bar, its just that good! :)
  • Cherry
    Apr 2nd, 2011
    love it <3
  • Mia
    Oct 30th, 2009
    I love this drink, having it tonight :).
  • amanda
    May 3rd, 2009
    I love this drink, the only problem is that I drink it too fast!
  • Ashton
    Apr 20th, 2009
    I have to say that Holy water taste like blue freezies
  • Indi
    Feb 22nd, 2009
    Such a sweet drink for approval from such burly names- or is it the Legopina factor?
  • ~Mitch~
    Feb 4th, 2009
    Mmmm, Gotta Love This Sexy Drink!
  • Ironman
    Jan 29th, 2009
    If sex was a drink.....

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