Irish Wake Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 250 mL (1 cup)

0.0 g
5 g
17.0 g


How to Make It

Pour orange juice over ice into a mason jar. Add rums and stir. Then add blue curacao and top with a red and a green cherry.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our brilliant readers, rvmasel!

Comments on Irish Wake

  • Peggy
    May 26th, 2024
    Irish Wake at McGuires is the bomb !!! Great drink !!!
  • Amber
    Feb 13th, 2017
    My fav drink at McGuire's Irish Pub. I live in Pensacola so I can have one whenever I want, but now I will make at home. Thanks!
  • Brett
    Jul 25th, 2015
    Had my first Irish Wake at McGuires after 3 Crown and Cokes and all I have to say is Wow. This drink will definitely put you on your ass after a few.
  • Beth
    Oct 15th, 2013
    Had my first one this weekend in Destin. Loved it!!!!
  • Marco
    Feb 22nd, 2013
    Second time going to McGuire's in Pensacola, both times had the the Irish Wake. Can't wait to go there again. Oh, and the food is pretty good too!
  • Andrew
    Oct 6th, 2012
    When I was stationed in Pensacola we used to take the new guys to McGuires, put 2 or 3 of these in them, and then laugh our asses off when they would try to stand up from the booth and just fall right back down. Snuck up on them every time.
  • Lashay
    Jul 8th, 2012
    Man I had one lastnight and it was good!! and so was the godfather
  • Suz
    Mar 1st, 2012
    These are served at the After Run party also! SO good, but will sneak up on you before you know it! Drank 6 at the last run. Luckily I can crawl home!!!! Making some this year for the after after party! So good!
  • Jennifer
    Jan 19th, 2012
    A Florida Panhandle staple. I love the mason jars... I even kept one! I keep it on my bookshelf and throw my spare change in it. I occasionally mix these up for customers at the bar where I work, but I can't do it quite like they do at McGuire's.
  • Dorene
    Dec 1st, 2011
    Thats where I had my first Irish Wake was in Pennsicola, Today's my birthday, thanks for the recipe, Think I'll have one !!!
  • Thomas
    Nov 29th, 2011
    This drink will eff you up. I'm a light drinker, and had no idea what I was getting myself into. The flavor is like an orange, grassy flavor. Sounds nasty, but it's great. Like everyone else, I had one of these babies in Pensacola. Mine was during Pride.
  • Jeanne
    Aug 8th, 2011
    Had one at McGuire's in Destin last week. Yum Yum. Buying ingredients to make them at home. My new favorite drink!
  • Joel
    Mar 12th, 2011
    I first experienced the Great Irish Wake in 1985. I used to hide the garters to have over the 3 drink limit. I would recomend all IRISH wannabee's to exlperience McGuires for themselves.
  • Linda
    Dec 23rd, 2010
    Had my first 2 at McGuires in Pensacola LOVE them, gives you a really nice buzz when you stand up. Can't wait to make them at home.
  • shane
    Jun 25th, 2010
    drank three yesterday and man they sneak up on you quick. AWSOME my new favorite drink.

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