Mama's Got Her Boobs Out Drink Recipe

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  • 1 part Beer
  • 1 part Tequila, gold
  • 1 part Vodka
  • 3 splashes Grape Juice
  • 1 jigger Lemon Juice
  • 1 part (whole) Milk
  • 2 parts Cherries/Maraschinos
  • Top with Whipped cream

How to Make It

This is mixed in two double shot glasses. In the first shot glass pour in the milk. Layer on the beer and add a jigger of lemon juice to the top. Put the whipped cream on the top spiraling up, and a cherry in the center.

For the second shot glass put the splash of grape juice on the very bottom then add the vodka and tequila. Add whipped cream and a cherry. Shoot them one after another then think of your mom with her shirt off.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our courageous, yet humble readers, Curtis Noon!

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  • joe
    Jul 27th, 2010

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