Mike's Bloody Mary Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 1 drink

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How to Make It

Fill glass with ice. Add vodka, celery salt, pepper, hot sauce, steak sauce and worcestershire. Add pickle juice (or try pepper juice) and then tomato juice. Stir, then add horseradish and stir again. Celery, pickels, and olives make great garnish!


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our funktastic readers, Mike!

Comments on Mike's Bloody Mary

  • katrina
    Nov 7th, 2021
    i like my bloody mary's with coconut rum
  • Earl Wayne
    Jan 31st, 2017
    It is better to use Gin in a bloody Mary in my opinion. Preferably Bombay regular gin, not that crappy sapphire.
  • Starla
    Apr 4th, 2016
    Soooo gooooddddd.
  • Mar 18th, 2015
    Sounds amazing to me! Wish I had some V-8 juice!
  • Apr 1st, 2013
    Used Clamato (all out of tomato). Awesome!
  • Bizorg
    Jan 13th, 2013
    Mike, this is similar to Bloody Mary I make. You are the only other person I have seen use pickle juice. I have tried your recipe and found it most enjoyable. Excellent savory drink.
  • Tom Beecher
    Sep 29th, 2012
    I've made a drink similer but I don't use the steak sauce.I do put a carrot stick and celery stalk with a spear of pickle and use marinaded olives and pearl onions it's great,
  • Doc Wicked
    Mar 19th, 2011
    Sounds amazing!
  • Mar 15th, 2011
    UGH! Total adiggia !
  • hjkhuik
    Sep 14th, 2010
    sounds gross

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