Mojo Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 250 mL (1 cup)

0.0 g
22 g
0.5 g


How to Make It

Put everything but the beer in a large party bowl, mix it up, add ice then add the beer. Tastes great!


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our immensely powerful readers, Electric Bill!

Comments on Mojo

  • jim
    Nov 30th, 2021
    first recipe is close, but use a san miguel beer
  • cpl.g
    Dec 10th, 2015
    Phillippeans Mojo Drink Type: Punch Ingredients 4 oz. Rum (more Rum drinks) 4 oz. Vodka (more Vodka drinks) 4 oz. Amaretto (more Amaretto drinks) 4 oz. Gin (Optional) (more Gin drinks) 2 can(s) Beer (more Beer drinks) 1 can(s) Sprite (more Sprite drinks) 8 oz. Orange Juice (more Orange Juice drinks) 8 oz. Pineapple Juice (more Pineapple Juice drinks) Instructions Mix all the ingredients into a large pitcher, add ice and serve in punch cups. It tastes just like Kool-Aid, but knocks you on your ass.
  • OS1 Hall USN ret.
    Sep 29th, 2012
    Me and a friend drank a picture of this, and were so wasted, we actually swam across shit river in Olongapoe PI to get back to the ship before liberty expired. Folk this isn't for light weights, it's so good you don't know a ton of bricks is about to knock your **** into the dirt.
  • former03
    Aug 1st, 2012
    This one is the Marine approved version: 1 pint light rum 1 pint dark rum 1 cherry brandy 1 half pint whiskey 1 half pint vodka 1 Sanmiguel beer 12 oz. orange juice 12 oz. orange soda 12 oz pineapple juice some ice When mixed right it tastes like Hawaiian Punch. No more than 2 glasses per or get locked up. The ones listed above are not authentic.
  • Robert
    Aug 31st, 2009
    This is not authentic. Here is a Navy approved recipe from the source 1 qt light rum 1 qt dark rum 1 pint cherry brandy 6 cans light beer 5 cans 7-Up® soda 4 qt pineapple juice 2 bags ice

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