Paralyzer Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 1 drink

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How to Make It

Stir everything into an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes. For a weaker version, use a taller glass.

Comments on Paralyzer

  • Steve
    Jan 7th, 2017
    Try with root beer or orange crush instead of coke
  • Currently paralyzed lol
    Jan 18th, 2016
    Shot of expression if u only have vodka is great too!! I also use chocolate milk sometimes!
  • chev
    Sep 19th, 2015
    Crazy as it sounds I like it with whisky
  • tracy
    May 8th, 2015
    my favorite is Kahlua white tequila root beer instead of coke and some Baileys and milk yum yum
  • Cool Grandma
    Jan 20th, 2015
    Substitute ameretto for vodka - AWESOME!!!
  • Brenda
    Dec 3rd, 2014
    Use root beer instead of coke ... So yummy
  • Carol
    Nov 30th, 2014
    Sambuca and root beer
  • lorne
    Feb 15th, 2014
    I find that ice first stir after liquor is added so coke is cold and cold milk last and if both coke and milk are cold, you have no curdling.
  • paralzer queen!
    Jan 23rd, 2014
    i ALWAYS pour my coke last. ice vodka kahlua milk then coke. layers nice and never curdles
  • BaBoon
    Aug 23rd, 2013
    This drink is the best with 2 oz cherry whisky and 2 oz doctor pepper and 2 oz a medium glass top with milk no need for ice if everything is cold it won't last long
  • terri
    Jun 20th, 2013
    can u use Pepsi?
  • Kitchenking
    Apr 8th, 2013
    Use cherry whiskey and instead of milk use ice cream.....dream float
  • Beny
    Dec 5th, 2012
    nogalizer, use eggnog instead of milk and spiced rum instead of vodka. so good your company will want another... then another
  • Paralyzed
    Nov 12th, 2012
    Revelstoke Spiced Whiskey instead of Kahluha and vodka makes it taste like a rootbeer float. Yummy.
  • stephANIE
    Jan 26th, 2012
    i like to use baileys i mix baileys with pepsi and milk and ice cubes and it so yuummmy try try try

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