Pink Panty Pulldown Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 250 mL (1 cup)

0.0 g
7 g
0.6 g


How to Make It

Mix ingredients in a clean medium size cooler. Add one bag of ice. Stir well. The longer it sits, the better it gets. Serves several people.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our brilliant readers, Jodi Girl!

Comments on Pink Panty Pulldown

  • Mindy
    Sep 1st, 2015
    I make mine with 2 or 3 2-liters of sprite / 7-up, 2 pink lemonades; 2 limeade; 1 orange juice (all concentrated juices); 3 cans of beer and a bottle of pink lemonade vodka -cherry might be good too! - add slices of limes/oranges/lemons and raspberries its great!!
  • JodiGirl
    Apr 6th, 2015
    Best beach drink ever....
  • Angel
    Nov 22nd, 2013
    The best way is the 151 proof ever clear pink lemonade an put a cherry in it . When you drink all the pink pantie pull down eat the cherry cause it soaks up all the alcohol . I love this drink an everytime I make it I wear my pink panties . Lol .
  • Lavita
    Jan 30th, 2010
    The best recipe is Cherry Vodka, Pink Lemonade and pineapple juice. You can also top it with whip cream
  • Sal
    Oct 25th, 2009
    thats not the good recipe the good recipe is a bottle of 151 proof grain alcohol, two 2-liters of sprite, and pink lemonade mix (the equivalent to making 4 qts of pink lemonade) if u want the best tasting kind thats how to do it
  • Megan
    Aug 30th, 2009
    This drink is so good. We have it at a family BBQ every year and it is a huge hit!
  • TresFreaker
    Dec 14th, 2008
    First! make sure noone pours a stout into the mix :S

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