Quaalude Drink Recipe

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Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 drink

2.2 g
21 g
0.4 g
Other names: Alley Shooter


How to Make It

Shake everything in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Strain into an old fashioned glass.

Comments on Quaalude

  • barbara
    May 14th, 2012
    love this drink, one got me pissed tho', lol !!
  • Hawaiian D
    Mar 8th, 2012
    Much like the party supply of the 70's, this drink ROCKS... Can't wait to make a LARGE party mix for my upcoming 70's Party & Reunion!!!
  • Joe
    Jun 2nd, 2011
    In 1988, per a bartender at Hula's in Honolulu: 1 part Amaretto 1 part Southern Comfort 1 part Grenedine 1 part Madori ½ part white Crème de Menthe 4 parts orange juice 4 parts pineapple jiuce 6 standard sized ice cubes Put everything into a blender and mix at the highest speed until pink and frothy. Drink and enjoy.
  • Sherry
    Oct 24th, 2010
    Awsome drink!! Can't drink just one. lol!

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