Sex With Jennifer Drink Recipe

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Nutrition Information† ‡

Serving size: 1 drink

0.0 g
19 g
0 g


How to Make It

  1. Mix all ingredients in glass.
  2. Drink fast.

This drink recipe was submitted by one of our magnificient readers, starr!

Comments on Sex With Jennifer

  • Lucipour
    Dec 18th, 2016
    You drink it fast so it hits you fast
  • maura
    Jan 16th, 2015
    Sean the bartender at Dot Tavern makes the best sex with jennifer on Thursday and Fridays.
  • PW
    Jul 31st, 2014
    Because I hear that the drink, ... much like jennifer, goes down easy.
    Jun 28th, 2011
  • Jennifer
    Jun 23rd, 2011
    Not to throw a wrench in the works here but the nutrition stuff says there are no sugars in this drink. I would greatly beg to differ. However the name is so true, it makes it easier for...
  • Dunk on my trunk
    Jan 23rd, 2011
    I have sex with Jennifer.. and Sian, Hannah, Frankie and Anna
  • Dec 29th, 2010
    hmmmm... everyone should try Sex with Jennifer, lol
  • Apr 27th, 2010
    Mmmmmm... that is all!
  • Jesika
    Feb 4th, 2010
    Because it will linger around when you're done...
  • Sep 4th, 2009
    Great drink, I would def. offer it as a suggestion.
  • jennifer
    Jun 11th, 2009
    just a great drink and defo right name for it
  • Jan 7th, 2009
    I bartend with a chick named Jennifer...after reading this recipe here I mixed up one of these one night when we were working....she asked...whats this called? I said Sex with Jennifer....It's kinda weird working with a hot chick and nailin her in the basement after we close the bar down. All in all I'm not plannin on quitin the bar anytime soon.
  • Iron Gut
    Oct 26th, 2008
    ^ because thats how Sex with Jennifer is, no really, thats why you drink it fast
  • Aug 16th, 2008
    why do you have to drink it fast?

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