The Billy Bishop Bullet Drink Recipe

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How to Make It

Put one half Gin and one half Cointreau into a shot glass. Add a splash of Rye Whiskey and Orange Juice.

History Of The Drink: This drink was made by a bartender from Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada to commemorate Canadian hero Billy Bishop, top Allied flying ace from World War I. This drink is only served to veterans only on Canada’s Remembrance Day, which is November 11th. The ingredients of the drink have a symbolic meaning. The Gin is for the British counterpart of the war, the Cointreau is for the French counterpart, the splash of Rye Whiskey is for the Canadian counterpart and the splash of Orange Juice for taste is for the American counterpart who came into the war later.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our funky readers, Wayne J. Sweeney!

Comments on The Billy Bishop Bullet

  • Les Peate
    Nov 14th, 2014
    This cocktail should on ly be sold to VETERANS and only on 11th November!

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