Tropical Hooter Drink Recipe

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Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 drink

0.0 g
32 g
0.2 g


How to Make It

Mix ingredients over ice in glass. Shake if preferred.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our dastardly readers, Kevin Weigel!

Comments on Tropical Hooter

  • Kirk
    Nov 30th, 2014
    Trish says it is really good.
  • Anna Weber
    Nov 22nd, 2014
    Awesome, tastes like a drink I would pay a lot for at a restaurant/bar! Easy to make and delicious!!
  • ironmike
    Sep 16th, 2014
    I wasn't just dancing to Lionel Richie after one of these. I thought I WAS Lionel Richie.
  • A
    Mar 10th, 2014
    It was good! Definitely will make again but not my favorite
  • Kaitlyn
    Feb 10th, 2014
    Oh my lord! It's so fruity and delicious also quite dangerous because you can't taste the alcohol at all! I will always love this drink
  • Melinda
    Nov 22nd, 2013
    I found the recipe for this drink at the start of our family vacation. I made it and it became the drink of the vacation. It is the best! If you substitute watermelon pucker for the melon liqueur, you have another amazing drink...we named it "Jolly Rancher".
  • Sharra
    Sep 29th, 2013
    I liked this one alot.
  • DrinkDabbler
    Aug 14th, 2013
    This drink is pretty nice, no alcohol after taste. Overall it was a great drink. If you have the money to drop on this, it's worth a try.
  • spc navarro
    Aug 10th, 2013
    Taste like pina colada
  • amber
    Jun 15th, 2013
    Very fruity not much alcohol taste
  • alcoholic
    May 30th, 2013
  • brianna
    May 9th, 2013
    this is the best drink in the WORLD!!!!
  • Shon T
    Jan 25th, 2013
    I mixed everything only 12 ounces of each liquor and 24 ounces of the juices and its no where near red, more like greenish but it taste awesome!!!!
  • Jamin
    Jan 14th, 2013
    I was wondering at first how this was going to taste. But after i first tried it, it is at the top of my list. I recommend this drink. Red Death is my favorite drink though.
  • mike hawk
    Aug 22nd, 2012
    Yumm!the second best thing i have ever had in my mouth!! ;O

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