Ultimate Strawberry Daiquiri Drink Recipe

Ultimate Strawberry Daiquiri drink recipe
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Serving size: 1 drink

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How to Make It

Note that you do not need ice. Simply uses frozen strawberries, and a thick frozen mixture will be reached.

  1. In a blender, combine a pint of whole frozen strawberries, lime juice, a good four ounces of a strong spiced or aged rum, preferably a high proof like Sailor Jerry, and an ounce of a triple sec orange liquor, Cointreau or gran gala, etc.
  2. Blend it smooth, adding a splash of lime juice if needed to loosen it.
  3. Pour into hurricane glasses or cocktail glasses, garnish with a lime wheel and/or cocktail umbrella.

This drink recipe was submitted by one of our damn fine readers, Mr Nitro pb!

Comments on Ultimate Strawberry Daiquiri

  • Monkey Justice
    Aug 8th, 2021
    Too much puree left this tasting flat. I would modify by doubling the triple sec, doubling the lime juice, and adding at least 1 oz. of sugar syrup. Might even cut down on some of the strawberry still and sub in a bit of ice.

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