Vodka Martini Drink Recipe

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Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 drink

0.0 g
2 g
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How to Make It

Add all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes. Stir well and strain into a cocktail glass. Squeeze the oil from a lemon peel onto the drink. Optionally garnish with a green cocktail olive.

Comments on Vodka Martini

  • Vladamir
    May 26th, 2012
    A proper Martini (Gin or Vodka) has a ration of 4:1 alcohol to vermouth. Therefore, the correct amount of the above ingredients should be: 1/2 oz. Dry Vermouth 2 oz. Vodka The basic Martini rule is to stir the Gin and shake the Vodka. (Don't want to bruise those Juniper & herbs in the Gin, need to smooth the aldehyde in the Vodka). In this case, "Shaken Not Stirred".
  • Bev
    Jan 29th, 2009
    This was my mother's favorite drink. It was also her last request before she died - at age 91 - her daily martini helped her live a good, long, life! God, I miss her!

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