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'Asshole' Drinking Game Instructions

Players: 4 - 10

Objective: Get rid of all your cards first.

A classic game, Asshole is also known as Bum for those so morally inclined.

Aces are high, threes are low. Two's are wild.
The dealer deals out all the cards. Multiple decks may be necessary. The person left of the dealer goes first, and lays down any card or set of cards of the same value. (Eg. three 4's or a single 3 perhaps.) The person to their left must lay down cards of greater value, and the same number of cards. (Eg. If three 8's were laid down, three 9's or greater must be laid down. Four 9's would not be allowed, it has to be 3.) If they cannot lay down any cards, they pass to the next person. (You may also choose to pass.)

Anyone who passes must drink.

The circle continues until no one can play any more cards. The last person to lay down cards has "control" and starts the next round by laying down new cards. Play continues until everyone is out of cards.

After the first round has been played, the first person out is the President. The second person out is the Vice-President, and the last two people out are the Vice-Asshole and Asshole for the second-last and last person respectively.

Once ranks are established and after all the cards have been redealt, the Asshole must give the President his 2 best cards, and the President gives the Asshole his 2 worst cards. The Vice-President and Vice-Asshole also switch worst and best cards, but only 1 each. Play begins again with the person left of the dealer.

At the end of each round, the Asshole must clear the cards and gather them into a pile. If anyone else touches the pile of cards during play, they automatically switch ranks with the Asshole. If the same person remains Asshole for 3 whole rounds, they become subject to the whims of other players and must drink when told.

2's are wild, and will beat any card played, including an Ace. Once a two is played the cards are cleared and the person playing the 2 has control. One 2 also beats a pair of anything, two 2's will beat three of anything, three 2's beats 4 of anything, etc...

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