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'Beer Hunter' Drinking Game Instructions

Players: 2 - No limit

Several adaptations of this game exist.

Blindfold two contestants and sit them across a table from each other. Take a six-pack of beer and remove them from the rings, place them on the table near the prisoners. Shake one vigorously, then mix it in with the rest of the beer so that no one knows where the shaken can is.

Spectators can now bet on who will be soaked. Typical bets are to make other people drink.

Blindfolds are removed and one player chooses a can from the six on the table. The referee then spins an empty, whoever the open end points at then takes the beer and holds it under their nostrils and opens the can.
If the player hesitates, people must shout "Mau!" repeatedly at the player (or some other hated communist dictator). This is worse than getting soaked by beer.

If the player survives, they pick a can and give it to the opposite player. Once someone loses (a.k.a. gets nasally violated by beer), they must also drink every single open can of beer!

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