Drinking Games » I Never

'I Never' Drinking Game Instructions

Players: 5 - No limit

This is an excellent game to play at parties where people may not know each other very well.

The game starts with someone stating "I never ...." where the end of the sentence can be anything. The classic example is "I never have been drunk".

Anyone in the group who this statement truthfully applies to does not have to drink. Anyone who it does not truthfully apply to must take a sip of their drink. (In the above example, those who have been drunk before must drink.)

If the statement does not truthfully apply to the speaker, he must drink. (This may take some friends to speak up....) If the statement that the speaker made truthfully applies to everyone, then they must finish their whole drink! (i.e. no one else had to drink).

Once the drinking is finished, the next person in the circle must make the next statement. This game can be extremely hilarious.

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