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'Let's Go Camping' Drinking Game Instructions

Players: 2 - No limit

One person thinks of a place, and it's up to the other people in the group to find out what that place is by asking questions about what you might find at that place. For example, if the place is a bar, someone in the group might say "I'm going camping and I'm taking beer". They don't have to drink because there is beer in a bar, and that is a correct statement. The next person might say "I'm going camping and I'm taking a tent". There aren't any tents in a bar so that person has to drink. The game ends when someone guesses what the place is and they guess right. If they guess wrong, they have to finish their drink/drink a whole beer, depending on how mean the group is feeling.

The person who guesses right gets to choose the next place, and the game can continue.

This game was submitted by one of our sexy readers, Chantel!

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