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'Screw Your Neighbour' Drinking Game Instructions

Players: 4 - No limit

A very popular game around our neck of the woods is called, "Screw Your Neighbor!" No, we're not rednecks! However, we do have a saying, "Love thy neighbor, but don't get caught!"

Anywhooo, back to the game.

OBJECT: Not to end up with the lowest card

Players sit at a table and each is dealt one card. The player to the left of the dealer begins. Should the starting player feel that he/she is holding a low card he/she has the option to switch cards with the player on his/her left or keep the card by saying "pass". However, he doesn't know what the next player is holding and can't switch back once the switch is made. The player to your left cannot refuse the switch. If you were forced to switch and your original card was lower than the card you received, you may "pass" on your switch! Hey, he may have screwed his neighbor already, pal! However, any player holding a King must flip thier card face up on the table as this is the highest card which ultimately denies a player to his right the switch! When the play gets around to the dealer, he/she has the option to switch cards with the top card from the remaining deck, or keep the current card. Once the dealer make a decision, everyone flips their card. The player with the lowest card has to drink!

Use shots to make it more interesting and just have fun! This game will give you bragging rights to say, "Hey, I screwed my neighbor!" and you won't end up in divorce court or even broken hearted - just a major hang over!

Also, it is highly recommended that you use your average playgirl or playboy deck of cards! Bring out the porno pack, baby!

This game was submitted by one of our all-powerful readers, Regina. Extreme cheers for her!

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