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'Spoons' Drinking Game Instructions

Players: 3 - 12

Take one denomination of card from the deck for each player. Eg. If there are 5 players, take the Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10's from the deck. If there are 12 players, use the whole deck.

Get a spoon for every player except one. Eg. if there are 6 players, get 5 spoons. Place the spoons on the table.

Deal out all of the cards. Everyone picks up their cards, and then the dealer starts calling "Pass!". When s/he says pass, each player must take one card from their hand and pass it to the left. The dealer can also say "Pass right" or whatever.

It works best if the dealer calls this every 3-4 seconds, so no one really has a chance to relax with their cards. This continues until someone gets four-of-a-kind, and then that player grabs a spoon and puts down their cards. All the other players then have to grab for a spoon, the loser being the one left out. If two players grab a spoon and neither lets go, the one holding the large end wins.

Loser must drink to pre-defined rules. Suggested rules are drinking for the number of seconds as the denomination of the winning 4-of-a-kind, or else polishing off their whole drink.

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