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'Task Master' Drinking Game Instructions

Players: 3 - 7

Get your friends into a group and appoint a Task Master. This is done usually by playing paper-rock-scissors, spinning a toothpick, whatever.

The Task Master then picks someone else, and sets them a task. This is similar to the game "Dare", but in this case, the people involved have to be strangers or semi-strangers. The person doing the task cannot tell them the real reason for the task, either.

Tasks can be as weak as asking others to dance, to as crazy as... well, whatever the Task Master sets. However, an overly harsh Task Master will ruin the game quickly.

Failing a task means the person must consume 1/2 of their beverage.
Refusing a task means the person must consume the rest of their beverage.
Completing the task means that everyone must take a pull on their drink except for the task completer, and the task completer becomes the new Task Master.

You're out of the game once you've been through X number of drinks, where X should be set at the start of the game.

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