Cocktail Mix


Cocktail mixes are pre-made mixtures of non-alcoholic ingredients, generally marketed as convienence mixes for a specific drink recipe.

For example, a Mojito mix would be some approximation of a mixture of sugar, lime juice, and possibly soda, meaning that the consumer would only need to add the mix and the rum to the glass to create a Mojito.

There are dozens, possibly hundreds of brands of cocktail mixes (one brand is pictured here). They can usually be found at grocery stores, liquor stores and specialty cooking stores, as well as purchased online.

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Brands and Variations of Cocktail Mix

Bloody Mary Mix

Daiquiri Mix, strawberry

Margarita Mix

Ready-made margarita mix can be purchased from grocery stores or online. Generally they are made from limes, lime juice and sugar, and come in liquid, frozen concentrate, or sometimes powdered forms. Generally the instructions are to simply add tequila and crushed ice to the mix to produce instant margaritas.

Mojito Mix

Piña Colada Mix

Rose's Cocktail Infusion

Rose's Mango

Strawberry Margarita Mix

Tom Collins Mix