Energy Drink


Energy drinks are a broad category of beverage that generally purport to enhance wakefulness or provide energy to the drinker. These drinks usually contain some variety of exotic ingredients, such as guarana, taurine, or ginseng. In general, the active ingredient in almost all of these drinks is large amounts of caffeine.

Combining energy drinks with alcohol can lead to unintended side-effects due to the large amounts of stimulant not normally present, and should be consumed with a modicum of caution, and definitely in moderation.

Red Bull is by far the best known energy drink.

Nutrition Information

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Brands and Variations of Energy Drink

5 Hour Energy

An energy drink that the manufacturer claims has no sugar and only four calories, but will give you five hours of energy.

It appears to contain mainly vitamins and caffeine. It can often be found at gas stations or convenience stores.

Amp[home page]

AMP Energy Drink is Pepsi's first real entry into the energy drink market. AMP is based on the original flavor of Mountain Dew, enhanced with a variety of ingredients typically found in energy drinks (taurine, ginseng, guarana, etc.)


Battery[home page]

Marketed in an industrial-looking yellow and black can, Battery energy drink is another caffeine-guarana-taurine combination beverage.

Bawls[home page]

A carbonated caffeine drink with guarana. Comes in a distinctive blue bottle.

Beaver BuzzBeaver Buzz

A Canadian product, Beaver Buzz comes in a number of flavors and is widely available across Canada, and now in some locations in the United States.

It is produced in the province of British Columbia by the DD Beverage Company.

Crunk[home page]

Another entry in the overflowing energy drink market, Crunk is marketed in close ties with hip-hop artist Lil Jon, the self proclaimed "King of Crunk" and creator of the energy drink.

In addition to the usual round-up of energy drink usual suspect ingredients, Crunk labels itself as containing such exotics as "Skull Cap" and "Horny Goat Weed".

Deep Throat

Full Throttle



Liquid Ice[home page]


An energy drink made by the company that makes Monster energy drinks. This brand is targeted at people who do "extreme sports". It is essentially just a re-branding of Monster.

Monster[home page]

Another entry in the energy drink market, the Monster brand is known for it's distinctive "M" logo and large can size.

Monster comes in several flavours and colours, and there is even a sub-line of coffee-flavoured Monster drinks.

Mountain Dew MDX[home page]

An energy drink soda produced by PepsiCo. Marketed as containing ginseng, taurine, guarana, D-ribose and maltodextrin.

Playboy Energy

Red Bull[home page]

Probably the best known energy drink, Red Bull is responsible for almost single-handedly creating the entire energy drink industry world-wide.

Red Bull is famous for containing taurine, a chemical that was first isolated in bulls. However, contrary to popular urban legend, the taurine in Red Bull does not come from bull testicles, but is produced synthetically.

Red Bull is the base ingredient in the extremely popular Jägerbomb drink recipe.

Red Devil[home page]

An energy drink with a berry-like flavour. Contains caffeine and taurine.


Yet another energy drink.

Rockstar[home page]

An energy drink founded in Las Vegas, Rockstar contains all the usual energy drink ingredients of caffeine, guarana, taurine and ginseng. One of it's more distinctive properties is that the liquid fluoresces when exposed to UV light.

Rockstar Punched

Shark[home page]

Sobe A-rush

Sobe No Fear

Sparks[home page]

Sparks is an caffeinated energy drink, but with the distinction of being alcoholic as well. It has many of the standard additions of energy drinks, such as taurine and ginseng, and also contains 6% alcohol by volume.

V[home page]

V is marketed primarily in Australia and New Zealand, and contains the usual energy drink ingredient offerings.

Vault[home page]

Vault is an offering from the Coca-Cola company, and is marketed as a "hybrid" energy drink/soda. Has a citrus flavour, with added caffeine.