Drink Recipe RSS Feeds from Drinknation.com

We are excited to offer the latest and greatest in beverage-assembly-instructions-distribution-technology. In case the title didn't give it away, we're talking about RSS feeds! Cool! Read on for more, or scroll right to the bottom for the links to the feeds.

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, a format for web content. An RSS feed is a service that makes the content available for sharing to people who "subscribe" to the feed using a feed "reader", which is simply a program on your computer. RSS feeds can also be shared across other web sites.

Drinknation.com offers several RSS feeds of our recipes. Each feed includes recipe descriptions and links back to the full recipe.

How do I use an RSS feed?

You need a program called an "aggregator" or a feed reader which can subscribe to and maintain your feeds. There are a lot of them out there. Google around for "RSS Reader" and you can probably find one that you like using.

You can also incorporate RSS feeds into weblogs (or "blogs"). Many blog hosts will have easy incoporation methods available.

Terms of Use

Drinknation.com provides these RSS feeds free of charge for use by non-commercial individuals and organizations. All of the content is copyrighted however, so please do not alter the content or acknowledgements to Drinknation.com. We reserve all rights to the content and images provided by the feeds, and reserve the right to require you to discontinue accessing our feeds at any time.

Drink Recipe Feeds

All of our feeds are in RSS 2.0 format. You may be able to automatically subscribe to a feed by clicking on the RSS button beside the feed. If your feed reader or aggregator does not automatically subscribe you, then you can go directly to the XML file using the XML button instead. The URL of each feed is also provided under the name of each feed, so you can manually subscribe by entering it into your reader.

RSS Feeds
Drink of the Week
Weekly Feed, 1 selected recipe per week
RSS Feed XML Feed
Daily Mixed Drink Recipes
Daily Feed, 3 random recipes per day
RSS Feed XML Feed
Daily Martini
Daily Feed, 1 random martini recipe per day
RSS Feed XML Feed
Daily Shooter
Daily Feed, 1 random shot recipe per day
RSS Feed XML Feed
Top Rated Recipes
Daily Feed, the Top Ten rated recipes.
RSS Feed XML Feed
Newest Recipes
No timeframe, newest recipes as they are added.
RSS Feed XML Feed