Blue Hawaii Drink Recipe

Blue Hawaii drink recipe
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Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 drink

0.0 g
21 g
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How to Make It

This is the original Blue Hawaii recipe, invented by the legendary Harry Yee in 1957.

  1. Add pineapple juice to a hurricane glass.
  2. Add sweet and sour mix next, followed by blue curaçao.
  3. Add vodka, then finally rum.
  4. Stir gently, and garnish with a pineapple wedge and a vanda orchid.

Preparation Notes

  • The Blue Hawaii is a classic cocktail designed to be "exotic" for tourists to Hawaii's then burgeoning tourism industry. The more exotic you can make the presentation, the better. Try serving in tiki mugs or inside a coconut!
  • The Blue Hawaii is often confused with the Blue Hawaiian for obvious reasons - however, a Blue Hawaiian is made with creme de coconut, whereas a Blue Hawaii is not.
  • Harry Yee would garnish his Blue Hawaii drinks with orchids - assuming you don't have any on hand, a cocktail umbrella is a great alternative to go with the pineapple wedge.
  • The original Blue Hawaii was made with Bols blue curaçao, which Harry still prefers for this recipe.

Comments on Blue Hawaii

  • jeez
    Apr 21st, 2012
    they insist on putting rum in it because that was in it when it was invented in 1957. equal parts rum and vodka.
  • Stuart
    Feb 22nd, 2009
    Why does every insist on putting rum in Blue Hawaii, I had it in Hawaii and it was made with vodka. I remember because not only did the lady bartender tell it me that it was vodka but another customer commented on how vodka alone was undrinkable but made a wonderful mix. And it did. I don't like rum.

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