Car Crash #2 Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 250 mL (1 cup)

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31 g
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How to Make It

Add all liqueurs to glass. Add in sour mix then cola and cranberry juice. Shake or stir.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our brilliant readers, Kipdogg!

Comments on Car Crash #2

  • Avary
    Jun 17th, 2023
    I use to drink these at the alibi in Marquette Mi back in the 80ty’s it’s Father’s Day so I’m going to make this for all my young adults
  • MsCindy
    Jan 30th, 2023
    They use to serve these at the Black Angus in California when I lived there in the 80's.
  • Gene
    Jul 13th, 2015
    I remember it tastes like kids cherry cough syrup. Very tasty.
  • Brocks
    Mar 30th, 2012
    This sounds similiar to the ones they used to make back in the day at the Alibi in Big Rapids. MI. I can't tell you how many pitchers of these I went through! Yes I said PITCHERS. A few pitchers of these, a straw and loud dance music, and great friends was all that was required for a fabulous night!
  • C.j.
    Feb 19th, 2012
    Love this drink. You can drink them back to back and wont feel it until you get up. Thank you to the creator.
  • Randy
    May 13th, 2011
    I used to be able to get this drink at local bars but it disappeared, when I last tadted it the flavor was VERY MILD and reminded me of "spiked" cherry koolaid. The specific blend of alcohols all canceled each other out and was so mild you tended to chug it icy cold rather than sipping!
  • Joe
    Apr 18th, 2010
    I prefer to call this crazy thing a "Toilet Befriender"......

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