Dancing Bear Drink Recipe

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Nutrition Information

Serving size: 250 mL (1 cup)

0.0 g
36 g
0.2 g


How to Make It

Put ingredients into tin, shake, and pour over ice. Put seatbelt on and enjoy.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our funky readers, Jason and Nate!

Comments on Dancing Bear

  • Paula
    Jan 7th, 2023
    Had this at a restaurant about 20 years ago, knocked us all on our butts … sneaks up on you lol but my fave ! My hubby makes them for me
  • Donald
    Oct 11th, 2021
    I drink this beverage by the pitcher and yes I pay like $45 to have in made in a pitcher but it's the best alcholic beverage if you you want to kick back and party
  • Jillian Fara
    Oct 18th, 2020
    I had searched for this recipe back in 2004 because I got my 1st drink I from a bartender that worked at the bowling alley in Tampa where the adults play pool area. She refused to get me this recipe I loved this drink so much that I've been searching for it for 16 years and now i get this drink in every state and city i go through. Just love it! Thank you for having it
  • chivon
    Jan 1st, 2017
    This sounds incredible!! Gonna run it as a drink special in my bar!! Thanks for the great post. Keep them coming please. Cheers!
  • Janice
    Nov 27th, 2016
    It's nothing to play with....take Uber home!! It's powerful!!!! I love it !!!!!
  • penny
    Jun 27th, 2012
    yummy had it served in a mason jar..knocked me on my ass..it was delicious 1 is plenty more will kick yur butt
  • Jennifer & Shannon
    Jun 5th, 2012
    We love this drink LOVE IT but its so hard to get a bartender to make it here. And when you do they want to charge you a arm and leg to make it.
  • melissa
    May 19th, 2011
    Girls night out this weekend...Dancing Bears for all.
  • Tabs
    Apr 2nd, 2010
    you can get it at buffalo wild wings..first time i ever had it was there and it was amazing
  • nathan
    Oct 26th, 2009
    this drink is amazing, i haven't been able to find the recipe or a bartender who knows what it is in 5 yrs thanx for posting it
  • andrew
    Apr 10th, 2009
    this drink is excellent. skip the pretty glasses and get it in a high ball.
  • Lucy
    Aug 1st, 2008
    You need an airbag for this drink. I remember my first one. I don't remember anything about it except the pretty swirling colors in the glass and then the pretty swirling colors in my head afterwards. Thanks for publishing this recipe, guys, I've looked for it for ages.

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