Dragon's Blood #2 Drink Recipe

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  • 1 shot Rum, overproof/151 proof
  • 1 shot Schnapps, cinnamon
  • 1 part Grenadine
  • 1/2 can Red Bull

How to Make It

Pour the schnapps and 151 into a highball glass, fill with ice, pour in Red Bull, mix in grenadine until drink turns red.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our fearsome readers, gendoikari87!

Comments on Dragon's Blood #2

  • Shalendria
    May 29th, 2016
    This Shit ROCKS ! Hits ya hard before you even know you are buzzed. DElicious !!!!!
  • zombie
    Jan 23rd, 2009
    Death in a glass. Very strong drink, but tasty if you like cinnamon.

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