Flying Meister Drink Recipe

Flying Meister drink recipe
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Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 drink

0.0 g
36 g
0.1 g
Other names: Jager Bomb, Jagerbomb


How to Make It

  1. Pour Red Bull into a collins glass
  2. Drop in a shot glass full of Jagermeister
  3. Shoot the whole thing in one go.

Comments on Flying Meister

  • XxSiC
    Jun 13th, 2011
    yea i have to agree with susan this is the all inclusive jager bomb just with almost exact opposite name.
  • Doug
    Nov 21st, 2010
    I think it taste better with a monster.
  • Tam
    Oct 11th, 2009
    hahaha i did it the other way round and had jager in the cup and 1 shot of red bull. it was so bad haha but got that magget it was good. i say try it!! :)
  • lisa
    Oct 3rd, 2009
    interesting sweet tarty
  • Roy (Fife)
    Oct 3rd, 2009
    Had 3 or 4 jager bombs last night plus a few without the red bull, I also had plenty other drinks but the bomb keeps you going
  • master shoemate
    Sep 15th, 2009
    whats the difference? its a damn space
  • jack jones
    Sep 11th, 2009
    Gives my mate stomach cramps 2 days after!!!
  • Chriss
    Sep 7th, 2009
    Excellent - still recovering from Saturday night it is now mid day Monday!!!!
  • kbell
    Sep 3rd, 2009
  • Susan
    Aug 11th, 2009
    This is actually called a JagerBomb

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