Irish Trash Can Drink Recipe

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How to Make It

Fill glass full of ice, then add all liquors and stir. Add full can of Red Bull. It will float and slowly seep down the glass, turning the mix green, hence the name Irish Trash Can!


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our charming readers, atrain!

Comments on Irish Trash Can

  • Mary
    May 2nd, 2018
    We drink then in Western MD! Love them!
  • Jason
    Mar 19th, 2017
    If you dont have blue curaco put some grindie in instead make a nice cherry blast. Also replace peach schnups with apple pucker. Makes it a bit more sour.
  • Matt
    Nov 7th, 2015
    I'm from ny I have all the locals drinkin these and local bars have the drink memorized now learned bout it from a friend
  • Corey
    Oct 23rd, 2015
    Funnest drink ever to make. Really popular at the bar i tend at
  • Erika
    May 3rd, 2015
    I had 3 of these last night with tropical schnapps instead of peach, best thing i ever asked for. I was so hammered i could form a sentence. Thank god i had like 6 bottles of water and a gatorade afterward. Let's just say i'm glad i didn't drive home.
  • patti
    Mar 16th, 2015
    A yearly tradition..introduced to us in central Alabama by the most loved and missed maestro of mixing...Wesley McAuther
  • Marqt
    Nov 4th, 2013
    Virginia loves them too!
  • ashnkent10
    Sep 26th, 2013
    Im from ohio, & we have em here; I had never heard of it till i went to an AAron Lewis concert last month, & now im tatally addicted!!! drank three, on top of a 1 1/2 drive; didnt think i was gonna make it home!
  • ashley
    Sep 8th, 2013
    I live in virginia. & every bar I've been to knows what they are... but when I went to flordia yhey had no idea... mmm yum lovr them :)
  • chrystal
    Jun 6th, 2013
    You can get these down in Portland, OR too...
  • missi
    May 31st, 2013
    This drink is absolutely my favorite ever i drink like 3 of em and get so happy love trashcans
  • Ana Bonita Garcia
    Mar 14th, 2013
    HAd this while volunteering at a restaurant!! at the end of the glass felt like flying!! fisrt time i have it, now is my FUCKING favorite!! Ppl can't understand my English cuz I am mexican haha lol this drink is so fucking yummy!! I have enough with one though, 2 or more might make me take my clothes off, and usually Tequila doe that LOl!!
  • Angie M.D.
    Feb 25th, 2013
    my only drink I buy at the bar since 2007! if your tryin to get tipsy this is the drink to buy!!
  • Jenisha
    Feb 16th, 2013
    Had 2 last nite and it's nw 3:27 pm and im still tipsy..
  • Curio
    Dec 30th, 2012
    This isn't only a NW thing, we got them in Jacksonville, FL.

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