Jagerbomb Drink Recipe

Jagerbomb drink recipe
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Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 drink

0.0 g
36 g
0.1 g
Other names: Flying Meister, Jager Bomb


How to Make It

  1. Pour Red Bull into a collins glass
  2. Drop in a shot glass full of Jagermeister
  3. Shoot the whole thing in one go.

Comments on Jagerbomb

  • Poofter
    Oct 23rd, 2015
    Got Fukui on these last night
  • michcelle
    Nov 26th, 2010
    awww....im loving me sum jager love the jaer bomb cups they r so freakin great
  • sexywiener
    Oct 2nd, 2010
    its to make sure you arent a computer dumb ass
  • Chaz Turner
    Jul 4th, 2010
    used to make "jumper cables" w/ moonshine and Jolt cola. No comparison to jagerbombs, except jagerbombs can lead to GREAT sex!
  • Apr 28th, 2010
    House favorite here. For the money, you should go for Jager and Monster would that makeit a Jagermonster?) preferrably green Monster usually minimises hangover. If you prefer Red Bull, I'd recommend Sugar-Free.
  • weird fuck
    Jan 26th, 2010
    why in the hell does it ask you if you are human and then it tells you to select 2 fuzzy animals from a list
  • marie
    Jan 23rd, 2010
    love them!
  • justink
    Nov 26th, 2009
    tastes wayyyyy better with monster energy.
  • DrinkingJagerbombs@theMoment
    Nov 7th, 2009
    These are awesome dont even taste the liquor.
  • jagergod
    Nov 5th, 2009
    ahhhhhhhhhh yes my favorite....if your a bar owner you should have happy hour $2.00 jagerbombs!!!!!!! peeps shall get fucked and thanks to redbull they keep on drinking and buying drinks ;)
  • jennifer
    Oct 30th, 2009
    these r magic i hav acctually been baned from drinkin them cause they make me violent bt who cares xx
  • Monkey Justice
    Dec 7th, 2008
    The official version has to be this way. If you use other energy drinks it is not a Jagerbomb.
  • Dom
    Oct 30th, 2008
    It's sexy, and it fucks you up after like 8 in 45 mins. do a "jager" night meaning only jager bombs.

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